3 thoughts on “The Birth House by Ami McKay: A Feminist Literary Theory Perspective

  1. You have great use of pictures in your multimedia presentation. you also use a lot of quotes to support your argument which is really good. As a female I understand how women were treated in the book but do you think if a male wrote the book instead of Ami do you think women’s would be presented differently? would they be described even worse or would they given value? good presentation. I think if you actually included the videos in the presentation instead of the links, it would be better because it would enhance your presentation. good work over all!!


  2. I really agree with all of your points, especially how you noticed that the modern obstetric care ways are trying to influence the traditional way. I thought that your voice was very projective and clear, I also thought that you chose very good quotes to prove your arguments. Do you think that the traditional way of midwifery is coming back as more and more people chose to have home births?


  3. Great blog post! It was lengthily and information packed, which not necessarily a bad thing. Doing your presentation from the feminist theory point of view made it easier for me to connect both my novel and yours, i was able to understand the content a lot better because of the similarities between our books.


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